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Singapore First D-I-Y Sandals/Slippers Store

Blackout SG is the first and only customizable (D-I-Y) sandals/slippers retailer in Singapore. Established in 2014, we started off retailing online and at bazaars. In 2015, we had our first physical store at City Plaza, and later on moved to a more spacious location (#02-102) within the same mall the following year. In addition to that, we opened an express outlet in AMK Hub (level 4).





So what's the buzz about customization? Ever wanted to create your own footwear? Or perhaps create a couple combination to stand out from the other love birds? Or simply just because you want to show off your creative side?

For an experience that combines fashion with D-I-Y, Blackout SG has an extensive range of soles and straps for shoppers to mix and match, creating their very own unique pair on the spot. You'll never need to worry about loose straps or uneven feet sizes here at Blackout SG. Sandals and slippers are made to measure, with individually sized straps which allows you to adjust to your own comfort.

Singapore Fashion Week x Laselle 2016

Singapore Fashion Week x Laselle 2016


Different designs per pair, why not?

Start off by selecting your design with prices ranging from $20 to $59. Yes, prices are inclusive of the whole D-I-Y process too! Next, select the colour of your base, made of 100% PVC and rubber which assures durability, non-slip and water-resistance. If you're feeling really jazzy and going for a "one-of-a-kind" look, you could even have different base colours for each sides at no additional cost!


Flippers, Shinori, Polka dot: $20


Sling/Cross/Double-Tone: $25


Slingback/Zan: $29


Loop/Zyne: $35-$39


X-series: $59


Catch your breath - move on to the straps as you select from our broad range of colours to complement your base. Venture to mix and have multiple colours of straps. Have it flipped, criss-crossed or keep it minimal. It's your choice!


And nope, the customization doesn't just stop there. Continue to personalize it by adding on fancy charms to your customized pair at just $1.50 per charm!


Revive your childhood with insanely cute cartoon characters!


Something fancy to impress your peers? Go for our Glow-in-the-dark charms, an absolute head turner.

 Glow-In-The-Dark Charms

With a full range of charms, you would definitely be spoilt for choices.


Among the different designs and styles, we would strongly recommend the X-series. It is our best-seller thus far, highly comfortable, of intricate design and best of all, grips your feet like it’s a part of you. We have received endless positive reviews on it. We have seen our customers wearing our X-series to different countries of different climates and terrains. It is built to overcome anything in its way!


Come drop by our main store at Paya Lebar, situated in City Plaza, directly beside Arnold's Chicken, #02-102. You would be welcomed and amazed with the wonderful interior and everything installed for you! As the customization process may take a couple of minutes, hydrate yourself with our drinks dispenser, browse through our collection of #teamblackout apparels or snap some selfies in the cosy home-like space.


Pay with an ease of mind as we accept either NETS or Cash payments. Be entitled to our loyalty card and get it stamped with every $25 spent. Enjoy a 50% off a pair of your choice with every 4 stamps collected and lastly a free pair (Including the X-series) when you complete the card!

Best part of it - NO EXPIRY DATE!

If this is not impressive enough, pick up a few of our #teamblackout stickers (unlimited) with any purchase and also enjoy a free Blackout Cliq (worth $2.90) with a minimum purchase of $100! 

Good news for those living in the West! Look forward to the opening of our new outlet in Jcube, Jurong this April. Embrace yourself for a whole new layout with more varieties of base types, strap colours, charms and designs.

With all that being said, hesitate no more and get your very own unique pair of D-I-Y sandals today! 

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