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I'll be snapping July

If you're still unaware of our July Giveaway, this post is for you!


Win $50 Blackout SG gift vouchers, we're giving out 3 this time!

Instead of making this a like or share campaign, we've decided to take things to a whole new level! We've got tons of request for different types of campaigns, and this somehow caught our attention, simply "Snap to win"! 

Yes! Sounds easy? It is easy! This time round, there would be 3 winner that would be selected based on their photo quality, style and creativity. 

How to participate???

Step 1:

Make a purchase with us or any of our retailers, be it if its a wacky combination, simple monochrome or single tone, all entries would be accepted as long its a pair of blackOut sandals. 

Step 2:

Snap a OOTD photo, it could be indoor, outdoor, underwater, above the clouds, its your choice. Get as creative as possible, you may include props, pets or even your friends and family members, do crazy poses or funky faces, there's no limitations anyways! Just remember that quality plays a part, so do grab a good camera, some good lighting or even head on down to a studio if you have to!

Step 3:

Get into Instagram, create one if you have yet to do so! 


Post the photo you've taken, don't forget to include some interesting captions for the 'wow' factor! 

Step 4:

Last but not least, the most important part of it! Tag us in photo, (not by putting @blackout_sg in the caption, but literally tagging us in it) hashtag #imwearingblackout in the caption. (Don't forget to keep your profile un-private for posts to be qualified). 

Have lots of fun doing this, at the end of it, it's all for the sake of FUN anyway, there's no limits to the entries, so just keep snapping, posting and just remember, to keep tagging and hashtagging! 

Happy Snapping!!!


Contest ends on 30/07/16, results would be out on 05/08/16! 


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